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The Full Story About

Eclectic Kitchen

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This was a deeply personal project as the client was ELDS founder and lead designer Ellen Lopez! As a devoted entertainer with a large family and a love for hosting, she needed a space with plenty of room for guests and excellent flow from room to room.

In the kitchen, we got rid of the pantry to expand the space allowing room for large luxury appliances. We also incorporated a large central island and reflective surfaces to mirror the rich inspiration of the Long Island shorefront.


Dining Room


The gray cabinetry of the kitchen is paired with a rich blue in the dining area so that the two can be viewed as separate and distinct rooms or easily be used as one large space when needed. Darker tones offer interest and dimension while crystal storage above the wet bar continues the motif of ocean-like reflection.

Bleached walnut and a soft, white veined, matte finish quartz countertop adds softness and brightness to complement the moody tones of the cabinetry.


Living Room


Keeping the color of the walls in the living room clean and white allows the colors of the gallery wall’s artwork to pop.

The soft, creamy shade of the seating and the marble of the coffee table also offer a beautiful contrast with the colorful and abstract rug. Gold accents add elegance and reflect the large front window’s natural light.

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