Goodbye to our Red Door, Hello to our New Look

It became more than just a move – it became an investment!

February 2, 2015
Our little 'Red Door' studio

The investment is beyond financial- it’s about the ELDS brand, what we stand for and our commitment to excellence!

For the past seven years we have been designing unique spaces around the tri-state area and beyond. Through our workflow, relationships with customers and contractors alike, as well as associations with industry partners, our story has unfolded.

Our small business has grown. Our little 200 sf ‘garage studio’, no matter how adorable and well-functioning was simply too small for us and all the samples for our projects!

It has taken 2 years of discussions and many months of brainstorming to arrive at a decision for our new location. We went from considering a large retail space to working from my home. Finally, right in the neighborhood, we found just the perfect spot. This new space will allow us to maintain our design studio feel yet be large enough for us to spread out and display creative ways to design spaces.


Eager to announce our move, we shared the news and showed how we plan on using the space on IG- but you'll have to wait to see all the design details we incorporated to make the space uniquely ELDS!

When you see possibilities- you're not afraid of a challenge!

Our new location may look like a storefront but we will be true to our design studio model.

Oh What A Challenge it is...

But be sure to follow the transformation on IG stories!

- How we Came About our Logo -

Change is never easy; especially when we know our logo has defined our brand image since the beginning but as our business has evolved, should it.

A process that went through edit upon edit until we finally landed on something that felt right. That and the fact that after being used to an image and having sentimental attachment to something, it can make it extremely difficult to let go.

We teamed up with Graphic Artist, Helen Bednar of Rural Route Minnesota. She asked us to share photos that represented EL Design Studio as a brand, and more importantly, what inspired Ellen as a designer. She analyzed these images, which were inspiration from patterns in paneling and landscapes that reflected balance to images of sculptural jewelry. Helen drew inspiration from them to create our new logo.

A softened logo.

By introducing softer colors and incorporating curvilinear shapes, our new logo translates to a fresh and timeless look that visually connects to our spaces.

Letting go of our red door and original logo has been difficult, but we are excited about our new space and even more excited about our new look. We are confident our brand will continue to grow and flourish and continue to change and adapt with the times!

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