Organic Elements in a Queens Home

Alright guys. THIS IS IT.

I've finally decided to start my blog...and I'm going in kicking and screaming, "Ahhh!".

We all have our strengths, mine happens to be more visual, so lucky you, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Choosing my 1st blog topic was a bit tricky, and then I thought, well, what better way than to jump right into one of our kitchen projects. You'll get to know me, ELDS (EL Design Studio), and the team as we journey through projects.

So here we go.

Client: Maria; an Arborist- a specialist in cultivating and caring for trees.

Location: Queens, New York- "The language capital of not just NYC, but also the earth."

ELDS to Job-site: 11 miles

Scope of Project: Started with a kitchen renovation and then...

1930's Tutor

Updating the siding color from a dated yellow to a Sage, 'Gentek- Sequoai Select'. Color compliments always work the best.


Original Layout

Yes, that IS a bathroom right in the middle of her kitchen! That needed to change (for multiple reasons).

New Layout

Can you catch the changes?

Lots of extra storage and counter space


& just to keep you on your toes, here are some teasers of the finishes that will be used.

Gray Mirage & Simply White Benjamin Moore for cabinetry, paired with Calcutta in the backsplah

with a jaw dropping granite top full of movement and color

Reclaimed wood floating shelves, trim on hood and ONE more spot

As for this beautiful floral tile...we'll let you ponder on that a while

With so much more to be revealed on this home, Keep up with 'Elle On Design' (No not the Kardashians), it's 'Elle on Design'- for our next post!

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