Our Go-To Farm Sink

& how we make it work in a variety of designs!

As designers, we all have those go-to's when redefining a space. From quartz tops to faucets to sinks, there is always that one that just works.

For us, it’s the Kohler Whitehaven farm sink that has become a staple for many of our designs.

Here’s why:

First, the easy install for the non-custom kitchens makes it extremely versatile. Plus it hugs the cabinet the best for tighter spaces.

Another thing is that the cast enameled construction is reminiscent of the original farm sinks from the 1920s and 30s.

Finally, the variety of finishes work so well in so many settings! Take a look to see how we’ve incorporated them in our designs.

Chef’s Industrial Meets Modern Kitchen

For our Chef’s kitchen redesign, we had the space and reason to use the larger 33"Whitehaven, providing extra room for all of her food prepping!

‘Bringing Nature In’ Kitchen

For this redesign, we went with Kohler’s sea-salt finish. This added the perfect subtle texture and even more dimension to the design, and pairs so well with the reclaimed wood accents and gold accessories.

NSH Coastal Elegance

Kohler’s Cashmere finish is the perfect compliment to Cambria’s Skara Brae quartz top. It almost seems the two companies worked together to make this match!

Blue hues + Brass Accents

Simply white marries perfectly with the white cabinetry, and when paired with Cambria’s gray Carrick matte, it pops for drama. Take a look at the shape too – it makes the space feel new and youthful!

Rift Cut White Oak, Blue mix Reno

Our Lattingtown Ranch called for the basic white Whitehaven farm sink to create a seamless transition from the white counters right into the natural cabinets. Plus it mixes effortlessly with all the other elements.

As for our personal use, we’ll be soon incorporating it into our new studio! If you’ve been following along, you’ll know we’re slowly working towards a finished ELDS space. We’re going for the bold black finish in our kitchenette to mix against our moody colors and striking accents. Follow stories for all the progress! Hopefully this will be completed in the next few weeks. We can hardly wait!

This sink has become the common thread that defines our signature look. When redefining, designing, and making each space unique, we have our go to Kohler Whitehaven sink to define our brand!

Here's what Kohler has to say about their sink!

"The Whitehaven apron-front kitchen sink features a streamlined and versatile farmhouse style. The Self-Trimming design requires only a simple rough cut, overlapping the cabinet face for beautiful results. The tall integral apron also acts as a drip edge to protect the cabinet from water damage. A large single basin accommodates large pots and pans, while the sloped bottom helps with draining and cleanup. Crafted from enameled cast iron, this sink resists chipping, cracking, or burning for years of beauty and reliable performance."

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