Redefined in Blue Hues and Warm Accents

A closer look at our Plainview Split Kitchen Transformation...

We first met the homeowner Suzanne through contractor Paul from First Impressions Home Remodeling. Our initial meeting was in her 1665 square foot 1960 Plainview, NY split-level home. This house was built at the very end of the baby boom in a planned development within commuting distance from NYC. By the time this house was built, homes on Long Island had evolved from Levitts and Capes to the more modern home design of the split-level. Although splits were more desirable because of their design, aesthetics, and additional square footage, it soon became clear when looking to expand this style home that there were fewer options for significant change to the space. 

In Suzanne's case, she did have a small bump out in her kitchen which allowed for some additional creativity in our finished product.

The Transformation

In our first meeting, Suzanne explained how she wanted to take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and leave her L-shaped island. She continued to explain that the additional space from the bump out wasn’t functioning well and was mostly left unused. While listening to Suzanne go through her wants and needs, it became clear that she had a great sense of style and passion for design.

Back at the Studio..

We first set out to make the space function to the best of its ability. We took out the wall between the kitchen and dining room like Suzanne suggested, and then redirected the island and pulled it into the kitchen while leaving 48” of space between that and sink wall. With all the additional working space gained, we created a much more comfortable and multifunctional space.

We then took the island into the home’s addition and tied it into the island for additional seating and storage. These subtle changes made all the difference!

All in the details...

Once the space was mapped out, Diana and Suzanne teamed up to put together the creative mix of materials, colors, and patterns.

The mix of gray and soft white cabinetry from one vendor paired with a custom reclaimed wood hood from another source set the tone for the rest of the space.

We chose two separate countertops to provide mixture and depth as well: the perimeter is a calm, quiet pattern of Cambria's Carrick Matte whose warm gray tone is sophisticatedly paired with Cambria's Portrush, a more bold pattern of thin navy veining on a white backdrop speckled with gold flecks, which takes center stage on this grand island.

The final touches of brushed gold accents of the Emtek hardware and the softer, more muted blue of the TileBar backsplash with the interesting shapes and patterns creates a one-of-a-kind space for our client.

“Ellen created a layout for my kitchen that was both functional and beautiful. Her layout made the best use of my space and was something I could not have done alone or with a contractor.”

This project was met with many challenges due to its timing in the world-wide shutdown, but Suzanne's kindness and patience set the tone for what proved to be a creative synergy between her and the ELDS team!

Of course I can't forget to mention the greatest compliment of all came when she even referred us to work with her sister Rebecca!

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