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What it's Like Working With Us

The Process

First things first

we want to see your space!

We set up an appointment for a house visit where we'll get the measurements necessary to redefine your space.

At this first appointment we address your vision, wants and needs, and budget. This helps us choose a cabinet line that best suits you and your project.

Now you are prepared for the next step.


you get to visit our space!

At our studio, we're ready to share our findings. During this visit you will enjoy seeing your new & improved layout in 3-D. Then we will dive deeper into all it will entail to re-envision your space, giving it style while delivering purpose and functionality.

After discussing your options for cabinetry, counter tops and all things necessary to complete your space, and you feel we can be a good team, we'll finalize it by completing some boring but very important paperwork.

& just like that, we're in business!


Lets get creative!

The last, and quite possibly both yours and our favorite step- letting our creative juices flow!

Our team works hard to make sure you can visually see your space throughout the process; Whether it be visiting showrooms, creating storyboards that best suit your project, or updating your storybook- a visual breakdown of your rebuild including all selections- we want you to be following along the way up until completion. 

Ellen is a visionary. We met with several kitchen designers before Ellen came along and blew them all out of the water. Her design was bold, creative and practical, all while incorporating our wish list and staying within our budget. Her team is a pleasure to work with, intuiting our needs and taking charge of all the details to keep this project moving smoothly and staying on schedule. 


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100 Newbridge Rd

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