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  • Our design option for price-savvy homeowners, Marketplace is the packaged for you. 

  • Includes a selecton of budget-friendly cabinetry lines, which Ellen can work her design magic.

  • 3D design rendering and in-home assessment

  • Selection of all elements (cabinets, flooring, etc.)

  • Contractor recommendations and referrals

 Our Services  

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Our Marketplace service is perfectly suited for price-savvy homeowners with budget-friendly options that will elevate your space.

Our Custom service includes everything you love about Marketplace with additional features to make your space truly singular.

Our Luxury service  provides a unique and highly curated experience by carefully selecting the highest quality materials and design elements.


Design for Construction 

For new builds and total remodeling projects, we offer a special service particularly catered to more thorough construction needs. Starting with the architectural plans, we review the flow of your space and ensure all lifestyle needs are being planned for.

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Bathroom Redesign

Whether you have a powder room for guests, a family shared bathroom in the hall, a kids' bathroom, or a primary sanctuary for your own private spa time, these rooms need to not only function properly but reflect your own unique style.

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